Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Idea of American Clubs in Ukraine

We are working to create a functional network of “American Clubs” in schools and universities throughout Ukraine, train their coordinators in methods of non-formal and in-formal education. 

Our aim is also to equip clubs with flags, posters, literature and other items on culture, history and political systems of the USA, and other countries of the Americas, and develop an agenda for activities during an academic year and beyond, involving local communities and peers from the Western hemisphere.

The Amclubs-UA Network will be relying primarily on Ukrainian teachers of English, returning alumni of American programs and local youth with some US experience, as well as the US volunteers working in Ukraine.

Google+ @ http://gplus.to/amclubs

Facebook @ http://fb.com/amclubs

Email @ amclubs.org.ua@gmail.com