Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bill of Rights: Nowadays democracy is the most actual theme...

Our portal “American Clubs – Ukraine” continues publishing the essays, submitted to the Second Annual Student Essay Competition in support of Democracy in Ukraine, on the topic “Bill of Rights in the US: Democracy Lessons for Ukraine”.

Nowadays democracy is the most actual theme. For many years people have been aspiring to freedom and independence. But what does it mean? Is it really good as it seems?

We know about United States Bill of Rights and also we know it was the first writing democracy laws about people’s liberty, power and rights. Due to this we used to name the USA a country of freedom and independence. A lot of European nations try to catch up their style of life and governance. It was the biggest step up to understanding and tolerance. Nevertheless after a few decades, much has changed. I think a lot was lost.

This world has lost the faith to itself, the compassion to everyone of us.It is corrupted our generation and, you know, we do not want to do anything. We are absolutely lazy and indifferent to everything, we are useless. And when someone try to say us about this problem we say: “Hey, I live in democracy country and I am free. Stay out of my business!”Moreover, when someone try to force us doing something we say the same thing. May be I am mistaken, but is it good?

However, I do not opposite the democracy. It makes easier our life. We can live and not afraid, that tomorrow we will be killed for our poems or reading forbidden books, or out of the ordinary ideas, or something like: “The Earth is round”. Another problem of society is that we abuse this rules.

So, as for Ukraine we have a strange democracy in our country. Because, on the one hand, we are democracy, but on the other hand we do not trust our government. Level of development in Ukraine is low. And it also prevents Ukraine to achieve the democracy.

If you ask me, I think our country is still a lot to learn from European countries. Perhaps then we will be able to seriously reflect on the rights and democracy.

Автор: Darya Milinchuk, Kryvyj Rig Central City Lyceum

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