Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Creative Writing Competition by Peace Corps in Ukraine - enter today!

2013 will be the third year Ukraine is participating in this competition, and, because Ukraine is such a large country and there are so many Peace Corps Volunteers here, the competition is organized on a three-tier level: school, oblast, and national. 

The winning national compositions will be passed on and judged at the international level.

More about the competition @

This competition is designed to encourage students to develop their critical thinking, free expression, and writing skills, especially in the area of creative writing, and to allow them to have some fun while writing.  Participants may be students in grades 6-11 and university 1-4 or non-native speaking English instructors.  The basic requirement is that students have one hour to sit and respond to a never-before-seen, bright and shiny creative prompt. Simple!

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