Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What determines political existence? - discussion in Donetsk

Participants of the American Club at Center for Political Studies in Donetsk discussed the differences and similarities between political cultures in Europe, the United States and Ukraine. 

The meeting was attended by club's regulars plus European Voluntary Service volunteers from Latvia and Poland, as well as CPS interns. One of the first issues on the agenda was what was first - a political culture, or the human predicament in a specific country.

The most drastic contrast in political cultures cited was that in the US citizens organize themselves and rally for the candidates they support, while in Ukraine people sell their votes for sugar and canned food, and get paid to stand in protests.

We also discussed how societies progress from A to B, and the opinion of our European colleagues was that  foreign help, especially to civil society organizations is important on this path.

Most active participants of the discussion received memorabilia from the EU Delegation in Ukraine.