Friday, October 11, 2013

R U Ready 2 Study Abroad? - discussion at the American Club in Donetsk

The regular meeting of the Center for Political Studies' American Club was held in Donetsk, to discuss the prospects of Ukrainian students who wish to pursue studies abroad.

Conversation on the subject, which began the day before at the Polish Club, received a logical continuation today, with a much larger number of participants.

The discussion was attended by all sorts of people, from freshmen to an American professor and teacher of English from the United Kingdom. Also, foreign students participated, and, of course, people who have managed to successfully competite their study abroad. Basically it was they who did all the talking, sharing their experiences, describing life in other countries, giving useful advice. Those who could not boast of great experience in this field, preferred to listen and ask questions, than to speak and, with few exceptions, refrained from extensive commentary.

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